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About Mood Lighting

Mood Lighting is an app for controlling smart lighting; it currently supports Philips Hue and Avea Elgato smart bulbs.

The app supports creating movements of light. You can select one of the many preconfigured light movement presets, or you can manually assign either the color or the brightness of the lights to various movement patterns.

The app also support synchronizing lighting to music. It tracks harmonic changes in music and can trigger pattern changes in response to these.



3D lighting designer

Create a 3D model of your lighting environment and watch it change as your adjust the app's settings


Moving lights

Experience the benefits of a constantly changing lighting environment


Sync to music

Synchronize your lighting to harmonic and dynamic changes in music


Easy Settings

Over 50 lighting presets to choose from covering the range of functionality available in the app


Layered Design

Use the app to just load lighting presets or drill down and control every aspect of the behavior of every light.


Available for iOS

Use the app on your iPhone or iPad


Our iPhone app at a glance

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